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What is accounting like?
Ask most people what their view of a career in accounting is like, and they are likely to answer "Boring!" They envision a guy in a business suit and tie, a razor-short haircut, glasses, and a pocketful of clip pens, head bent over columns of figures, adding them up until they come out even. Actually, computer programs have taken the drudgery out of accounting, leaving the accountant to focus on challenging tasks of how to save the company money, how to advise individuals and businesses to take advantage of tax benefits, how to invest their funds to get a good return, how to detect fraud in a company that is offering its assets at an inflated value, and how to make a few changes in a company's operations that will increase the company's profitability. The most capable accountants are wizards, and there are many exciting career prospects for someone with an eye for figures.
Financial Analyst
A financial analyst is someone who is there to support a business to grow. 
Forensic Accounting
A career in Forensic Accounting can be exciting because it is like being an investigator and an accountant together
Tax Accountants
Tax accountants prepare tax returns for individuals and corporations and may also work for public accounting firms.
Internal Auditing
Internal auditing means that the accountant is doing the audits for the company that they are directly working for.
 Corporate Accountant
Working as a Corporate Accountant involves maintaining the books for the corporation.
Business Analyst
A business analyst prepares statistics and ratios that help management, owners and investors review the financial condition of a company
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